BullyingCanada's Mission

We give bullied youth brighter futures.

Through our wrap-around mental health service, BullyingCanada’s trained support volunteers and professional counsellors work one-on-one with bullied Canadian youth, their parents and local supports for as long as it takes to bring an end to the bullying and help them heal. 

BullyingCanada provides a safe environment and supportive resources for Canadian youth affected by bullying, empowering them with the guidance and support they need to successfully navigate difficult situations and achieve a positive outcome.
We strive to foster an environment of understanding and compassion, enabling youth to make informed decisions and build resilience against further bullying.

We are committed to ensuring bullying is addressed within Canada’s communities in a safe, respectful, and impactful manner.

What we Do

Our youths are worth fighting for.

BullyingCanada is the only national charity solely dedicated to creating a brighter future for bullied youth. What began as a youth-created website to bringing together bullied kids and providing information on bullying — and how to stop it! — is now a full 24/7/365 support service.

Youth, parents, coaches, and teachers contact our Lifeline: Bullied Kids Network by phone, text and email for help on how to make bullying stop.

We also offer presentations about bullying, live and virtual.

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How We Do It

Our unique difference.

BullyingCanada stands by those who reach out for help until we can bring an end to their bullying.

Sometimes people who contact us just need some expertise advice on how to handle bullying situations.

For those who have unsuccessfully tried to stop the bullying from happening or simply don't know how to do so, our highly trained volunteer Support Responders work with bullied kids, their families, school staff, coaches and even police if necessary, building a team of support around bullied youth. We work with the team to negotiate an end to their being bullied.

We also ensure the school the youth goes to has a bullying policy and knows how best to enforce it, to keep all the kids in school safe.

Whether all of this takes days, months, or a year or more, we don't stop until the youths who are trusting us to help them are no longer bullied.

Our volunteer Professional Counsellors are also on call 24/7 to help kids who are suicidal or committing acts of self-harm. They also provide counselling to help kids heal from the trauma of being bullied.

No other charity goes to this length to stand by bullied youth until they are once again at peace.

Why We Do IT

Because we believe in you and your future

Our co-founders, Rob Benn-Frenette, O.N.B. and Katie Thompson (Neu) are both victims of extreme bullying — from elementary school through high school. This shared experience brought them together to build BullyingCanada.

Every day, BullyingCanada works tirelessly to give bullied kids a brighter future.

How you can Help

Bring happiness back to Canadian youth.

Kids in crisis, right across the country, count on BullyingCanada every hour of every day.

You can be a critical part of the solution by volunteering or making a generous tax-deductible gift to ensure every call can be answered and every youth supported in their time of need.