Our Lifeline:
Bullied Kids Support Network stands by
bullied youth 24/7/365

Standing by bullied youth, and giving them a brighter future

BullyingCanada is the only national charity that stands by bullied youth – 24/7/365 and then for as long as it takes, whether it takes days, weeks or months – until we can bring an end to their being bullied and are on the road to healing from their trauma.

Our Lifeline: Bullied Kids Support Network provides a safe space for youth to reach out by phone, texting or email, for expert help in bullying intervention and to learn how to deal with bullies.

Our highly trained volunteer Support Responders and professional Counsellors work with children and youth to prevent them from being bullied, create lasting solutions and help them heal from the trauma of being bullied. We also deliver Empowering Youth Workshops at schools, community centres and sports clubs on recognizing and handling bullying.

Unlike any other charity, we help to bring kids peace again by working on-to-one with their parents, teachers, school principal and guidance counsellor, their tormentors, local social services and even police when necessary. By working with their school and its school board, we ensure schools have a bullying policy and know how to enforce it.

Our team is passionate about empowering bullied kids and creating safe, inclusive environments for them to live in. We are here, day or night, to listen, provide guidance and give them the brighter future that they deserve.

Our programs

Lifeline: Bullied Kids Support Network

Lifeline: Bullied Kids Support Network

A 24/7/365 support service with expertise in helping bullied kids.

Empowering Youth Workshops

Empowering Youth Workshops

Creating open minds and protecting children


What others have to say about BullyingCanada

BullyingCanada has really helped me with my own bullying situation. After I stood up and said something, things started to go well. I just wanted to say thank you! ❤


Satisfied BullyingCanada Client

Last year, classmates bullied me all the time. My stomach hurt, and I couldn't sleep or concentrate in class. Thanks for working with my teachers and principal to get the bullies to leave me alone.


Satisfied BullyingCanada Client

I know bullying is hard on kids, and I want to ensure they get the help they need.


BullyingCanada Donor

I have recently started contributing to BullyingCanada, as I feel that bullying is an ongoing menace of not only children’s but adults’ lives also.


Teacher & Monthly BullyingCanada Donor

Today's kids have so many issues already. They shouldn't have the extra stress and pain of being bullied too.


Monthly BullyingCanada Donor

I'm inspired by the breadth of support available through BullyingCanada, its founders, and its volunteers.

Olivera B.

BullyingCanada Donor

Don't suffer in silence.


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