You can have a huge impact on bullied kids' mental health!

Giving Large Gifts & Securities

You can immediately impact the mental health of youth in your community and across Canada by making a significant donation to BullyingCanada.

BullyingCanada relies on individual, community, foundation, and corporate donations for most of our funding. If you want to make a large gift that will play a significant role in sustaining our 24/7 Lifeline: Bullied Kids Support Network and our proactive educational presentations, we'd love to help you have a life-changing impact on bullied kids. Your outstanding generosity will help us keep up with the growing number of kids reaching out to us for help and enhance the information and resources we can offer them online in 104 languages.


You can have a life-saving impact on bullied youth by donating appreciated publicly traded securities.  By doing so, you will also benefit by not having to pay the capital gains tax on your gift. To benefit from this tax exemption, your donation must be made in a certain way. Please download our Gift of Securities Fact Sheet for more information, or contact us as noted below.

Download our Gift of Securities Fact Sheet

If you have a particular interest in BullyingCanada’s work, we welcome talking with you about what impact you’d like your gift to have. We can also offer you public recognition for your support, should you wish. Allowing us to thank you publicly can inspire others to do the same!

Please call us at (877) 352-4497 or by email:

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