Due to current global health concerns, and limited resources BullyingCanada will be operating at a lower capacity as essential services only effective immediately.  This means that our services (Email, live chat, text support services will only be directly available to youth during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  All other individuals will be put in queue for a follow up at a later time.  Thank you for your understanding.

Every Moment Counts

The longer a child is bullied, the more likely they are to develop physical, emotional, and psychological scars that can last a lifetime. Bullying can be devastating, leaving children withdrawn, shy, and insecure. Kids frequently suffer stomach aches, headaches, panic attacks, and nightmares. They can become unable to sleep – or may sleep too much. They often do poorly in school due to loss of focus and confidence or erratic attendance as they try to escape bullies. When unrelenting, bullying can lead children to take their own lives. Bullying also hurts bystanders, who may become fearful that they will also be victimized.

Bullies who learn they can get away with aggression and violence sometimes carry this behaviour into adulthood, having a greater likelihood that they can become a sexual predator or otherwise engage in criminal activity.

This is part of why BullyingCanada is so desperately needed to help bullied kids, as soon as possible after bullying begins.

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Programs & Services

Offering immediate, compassionate action to support bullied youth, BullyingCanada has a variety of programs and services to combat bullying nationwide, some of our core offerings are:

Lifeline: National 24/7 Support Network

Youth Voices Speaking Program

National Scholarship Program

A Voice for Victims of Violence

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At least one third of Canadian youth report being bullied recently. Help BullyingCanada give these kids a brighter future by supporting us today.

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