Mommy, help me
I’m being bullied at school
They pushed me around
Broke my glasses,
Called me names
And stole my crutches

Mommy, I went to the principal
All they did was make excuses
When I left I heard them laugh

Mommy, it’s not fair
Mommy, it’s wrong!

Dear diary,
They did it again today
Stole my books
And shoved me in a locker
I won’t go to the principal
When all they do is say it’s my fault
And they call me the bully
Like they did the last time

Dear diary,
They did it again today
Only this time it was worse
The tripped me,
Shoved me,
Beat me up
And threw me
I landed on a desk
On my back
I couldn’t get up
Couldn’t run away
I went to emerge….
They broke my back

Dear diary,
What did I tell you?
I went to the principal
Showed them my wheelchair
And told them how it came to be
They blamed me….again

Dear diary,
Why me?
What did I do?
I’m stuck like this for life
The kids that did it
Got away with it
Dear diary
It’s not right
It’s not fair
Dear diary,
It’s just plain

Katie Neu

en English
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