Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why

Jay Asher
Thirteen Reasons Why
Razorbill, 2007
288 pages, $18.50 Canadian
ISBN – 978-1-59514-171-2

Clay doesn’t know who sent him the box of tapes and he doesn’t know why. Hanna’s voice haunts him as soon as he hits play. Why is he on the list? He never did anything to hurt her, yet she pins him as one of the reasons she took her life. What on Earth could the tapes say?

Clay walks around the streets of his small town all night with Hanna’s voice in his ears, walking him through the story of her life – a story that was cut short when she swallowed a handful of pills in order to get away from the daily torment she went through. It all started with a list, a list that leads to a reputation that no high school girl wants to have, along with rumours and crude jokes dished out by most of the student body. Clay finally gets to his tape and what he hears shocks him – the entire set of tapes changes his life forever.

Suicide is a sad reality for many teenagers in today’s society. With books like Thirteen Reasons Why teenagers can learn how sometimes the smallest of actions can have the biggest effect on an already hurting person. Sometimes small things turn into a snowball effect and what was once small is now uncontrollable to even the happiest of students. Hanna Baker couldn’t escape the torment of her schoolmates, so with her tapes, she’s telling her story, telling her tormentors exactly what they did to her and how they, in part, caused her to end her life.

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