The Beckoners

The Beckoners

Carrie Mac
The Beckoners
Orca Book Publishers, 2004
217 Pages. $9.95 Canadian
ISBN – 987-1-55143-309-7

Being a teenager is hard. Moving to a new town, being the new kid at school, and dealing with a vicious girl gang is even harder.

Zoe wasn’t sure what to think of Becky when she started at her new high school but Zoe needed friends. The Beckoners were there for her – or so they made themselves out to be. They made Zoe one of their own – including making her take part in their vicious schemes. When things get to be too much for Zoe, she learns what the gang is like and leaves – dealing with the harsh circumstances.

Though many would have walked away after leaving the gang, Zoe helped the gangs’ victims, hoping to stop the Beckoners from their horrible ways. She just has to think of the perfect – and legal – way……

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