Sticks And Stones

Sticks And Stones

Beth Goobie
Sticks And Stones
Orca Soundings, 2002
77 pages, $9.95 Canadian
ISBN – 1-55413-213-7

It was only kissing, it’s not like Jubejube and Brent actually had sex – so why is everyone calling her a slut?

Jujube never thought things could be this bad. Her name is everywhere, rumours are everywhere and the whole school is calling her a slut – only she never had sex. The “Backseat Baby” – her new nickname – feels dirty and can’t take it anymore. An English assignment leads to the creation of the “Slut Club” and allows her to teach her classmates that words do hurt – a lot – and it could quite possibly change the school’s outlook since she took pictures of the bathroom wall and made them posters that she posted all over the school.

Though many would have done nothing, Jubejube actually did something to stop the verbal abuse, not only for herself but for everyone else who had been labeled as a slut.

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