See No Evil

See No Evil

Diane Young
See No Evil
Orca Currents, 2006
103 pages, $9.95 Canadian
ISBN – 1-55143-664-7

“See no evil” was spray-painted onto a fence near the mall. Shawn and his friend, Daniel, found out just how important that was and what happens when you do see evil.

It was just another Monday for Shawn and Daniel. Rather than going the long way, they decided to cut through the mall, like they usually did. Only today they saw a gang of kids beating another teen. They were spotted and ran. Too scared to tell anyone, the boys hid, knowing that if they told they were next. They were next though, or at least Daniel was and Shawn must decide if he should tell or just stay quiet.

Shawn does tell the police what happened though he does still worry about whether or not he is safe. Now his only problem is to take that test he has been avoiding……….

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