Darlene Ryan
Orca Soundings, 2007
100 pages, $9.95 Canadian
ISBN – 978-1-55143-687-6

Sometimes, doing the right things and the hardest thing are the same. Kevin found that out the hard way.

Kevin could be considered a bully. If not him, the people he hung out with sure were. They were always getting into trouble for their stunts and Kevin was always forced into their schemes. Kevin’s home life wasn’t the greatest and it got worse when Kevin’s dad found – and returned – a lot of money. One of the “wannabes” spills details on the gang’s next stunt to Kevin – who’s trying to pull away – and he found himself on the other side of the fight.

Kevin and the gang had planned to do something to Erin, their latest target and Kevin can’t not do something to stop them, even though he and Erin aren’t exactly the best of friends.

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