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BullyingCanada created a 365-day-a-year, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week support network that offers youth life-changing assistance via telephone, online chat, email, and texting.

With a team of 212 trained volunteers from across Canada working tirelessly from their homes, BullyingCanada supplies support and intervention to prevent and stop bullying.

This support service is unparalleled in Canada–going far beyond the typical anonymous counselling offered by other charities. Our volunteers are trained in counselling, suicide prevention, mediation and problem-solving. These heroes identify problems and solve them–stopping bullying and preventing its re-occurrence.

They do this by talking about specific issues with bullied youth and their families; to bullies and their parents; to teachers, guidance counselors, principals, and school board staff; to local social services; and, when necessary, to local police. The end goal is to ensure bullied kids are (and feel) safe and that they’re able to acquire the necessary follow-up care needed to heal.

Typically, BullyingCanada proactively remains involved for two to three weeks, but more complex have required support for months on end to resolve.

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Have you ever been hurt
and no one believes you?

Stuck in a rut
and left alone bleeding
lying there lost
and all alone

With nowhere to call home
we are the bullied,
lost and hurt,
being pushed and shoved
face-first in the dirt
and the more we cry
the more they stare
and when we ask for help
there’s nobody there

This is our cry,
this is our plea:
somebody help me,
before I flee



Your generous support helps us offer this always-available support network that has touched so many lives.