Not So Tall For Six

Not So Tall For Six

Dianna Hutts Aston
Not So Tall For Six
Charlesbridge Publishing, 2008
32 Pages
ISBN – 978-1-57091-705-9

Size isn’t everything but size really can make a difference when it comes to bullying.

Kylie Bell isn’t exactly tall. Even though she’s probably the smallest person in grade one, she doesn’t let her size get to her. She may be small in stature but she’s big in heart. The classroom bully, Rusty Jacks gives her a hard time about it though. Coming from a small family, Kylie Bell simply remembers the family motto: “Brave and smart and big at heart”. Rusty Jacks has no friends and when it comes time to read in circles, he has no one to sit with. What should Kylie Bell do?

After volunteering to have Rusty Jacks sit in her group, everyone is shocked at little Kylie Bells’ actions. What shocks them, even more, is what Rusty Jacks does after class.

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