Canada Post Loses National Charity’s Fundraising Appeal, Punishes Them For Seeking Reimbursement

Like many not for profits, BullyingCanada relies heavily on donors to sustain their operations. Often, new and prospective donors are contacted through direct mail. When BullyingCanada ran their fundraising appeal campaign through Canada Post they were surprised to discover that that the carrier had no idea where it had gone.

“We had supporters outside the mailing areas call us to say they got the fundraising piece. We had supporters we wanted to reach call us to say they never got it.  And when I called Canada Post, they told me that they didn’t keep records of where our fundraising letters were sent, so we would have to canvass neighborhoods and tell them what they had done with our mail”, said BullyingCanada Co-Executive Director Rob Benn-Frenette.

BullyingCanada quickly learned that Canada Post lost their campaign. Within a day, Benn-Frenette quickly found over 40 cases of people in the target areas who did not receive the mail out. It soon became clear that the fundraising campaign came in way below past appeals – a sure sign that many letters never reached their intended recipients.

BullyingCanada asked Canada Post to compensate them for printing costs and send the mail out again, properly.  When Canada Post refused, Bullying Canada retained legal counsel.  That’s when things got really strange, according to Benn-Frenette.  “As soon as they knew we had a lawyer, they cancelled our credit line with them.  Then they told our lawyer that they had legal immunity and they weren’t willing to do anything, because I had put too much strain on their account reps by finding all the examples of non-delivery.”

Canada Post’s website lists their Code of Conduct as “Building and maintaining trusted relationships with employees, customers, partners, suppliers and our shareholder is fundamental to our business, our reputation, and our success. Managing in an ethical way, guided by a sense of social responsibility is not just a matter of good business practice; it is the right thing to do.”

“We simply want Canada Post to do the right thing. If Canada Post is going to use its immunity to lose people’s mail and punish them for complaining, maybe they shouldn’t have immunity,” concluded Benn-Frenette.


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About BullyingCanada

Since 2006, BullyingCanada has been the nation’s ‘go-to’ organization when it comes to anti-bullying efforts and they remain the only national charitable organization that provides Canadian youth, their families, and their communities with the support, resources, and information they need to prevent violence and ensure children’s safety.



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Posted 11 months ago