More Bullies In More Books

More Bullies In More Books

C.J. Bott
More Bullies In More Books
The Scarecrow Press, 2009
195 pages,
ISBN – 978-0-8198-6654-6

With youth today being forced to face bullying at an increasing rate and intensity, it is crucial to find and to read the right books to help everyone understand the problem. But how do you know which book is for you?

C.J. Bott’s book, More Bullies in More Books, has reviews for over 300 books that deal with bullying in some form. The book is simple to read and arranged in various levels, ranging from picture books to high school novels. Bott’s book has nine chapters, each focusing on a single type of bullying that youth may have confronted. With chapters focusing on the myths of bullying, word power, body image, the power of words, violence, being new and/or different, groups, gangs, homophobia, cyberbullying, guns and bullycide, it is easy to pick a topic that is affecting you. Each chapter focuses on a handful of books, giving a review on them, as well as useful quotes and topics for discussion. Near the end of each chapter, there are also short book reviews on numerous other books.

If you are looking for a good read about bullying, or if you need more, but don’t know where to start, pick up More Bullies in More Books; you’ll find the right book listed in this one.

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