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Media Kit

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giving bullied youth a brighter future

BullyingCanada Saves Lives

BullyingCanada Saves Lives

BullyingCanada has for more than fifteen years supported youths across the country—helping victims of bullying find a pathway to healing that works for them.

BullyingCanada provides a roster of services, and it provides those services based on individual needs. Everyone is treated as an individual rather than just a case file. The ethos permeating everything that BullyingCanada does is: giving bullied youth a brighter future. It is more than a tagline, it is the reason BullyingCanada exists.

Every Moment Counts

The longer a child is bullied, the more likely they are to develop physical, emotional, and psychological scars that can last a lifetime. Bullying can be devastating, leaving children withdrawn, shy, and insecure.

Kids frequently suffer stomach aches, headaches, panic attacks, and nightmares. They can become unable to sleep—or may sleep too much. They often do poorly in school due to loss of focus and confidence or erratic attendance as they try to escape bullies. When unrelenting, bullying can lead children to take their own lives. Bullying also hurts bystanders, who may become fearful that they will also be victimized.

Bullies who learn they can get away with aggression and violence sometimes carry this behaviour into adulthood, having a greater likelihood that they can become a sexual predator otherwise engage in criminal activity.

This is part of why BullyingCanada is so desperately needed to help bullied kids, as soon as possible after bullying begins
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Schools Aren’t Safe

Facts: More than half of the students affected by bullying believed their bullies had the ability to influence what other students thought of them. Students

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Brand Guide

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