How common is bullying?


In Canada, at least 1 in 3 adolescent students have reported being bullied. Almost half of Canada parents have reported having a child that is the victim of bullying. [...]

How common is bullying?2020-01-29T17:38:42-04:00

What are some of the effects of bullying?


Bullying makes people upset. It can make children feel lonely, unhappy and frightened. It can make them feel unsafe and think there must be something wrong with them. Children can [...]

What are some of the effects of bullying?2020-01-29T17:38:26-04:00

What are the most common types of bullying?


The four most common types of bullying are: Verbal bullying - name-calling, sarcasm, teasing, spreading rumours, threatening, making negative references to one's culture, ethnicity, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, [...]

What are the most common types of bullying?2020-01-29T17:39:21-04:00

What is Bullying?


Many children have a good idea of what bullying is because they see it every day! Bullying happens when someone hurts or scares another person on purpose and the person [...]

What is Bullying?2020-01-29T17:39:30-04:00

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