BullyingCanada, Inc. is a registered charity and must adhere to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regulations regarding the issuance of all receipts. Tax-deductible receipts are issued to donors who make gifts to charities. A gift is a transfer of cash, where the donor receives no benefit in return.

BullyingCanada can issue income tax receipts under the following conditions:

  • When giving by cheque with more than one name on it, a receipt will be issued under both names and can be claimed by either person named.
  • When giving by credit card, we must issue the receipt to the person whose name is on the credit card, even if you provide a different name on your donation form.
  • Tax-deductible receipts will be issued for an amount equal to the amount of cash received by BullyingCanada. If net proceeds are provided, tax-deductible receipts will not be issued for the gross amount.
  • Tax-deductible receipts will be issued to event participants and donors following the event, as long as the Organization is provided with a list of names and addresses of the individuals to be receipted, including the amount of the donation.
  • If tax-deductible receipts are to be issued to event participants for the gift portion of a ticket price, this amount must be clearly identified and differentiated from the ‘fair market value’ of the event. Please discuss this with the national BullyingCanada office prior to establishing your ticket price to ensure compliance with all CRA regulations.
  • If a supplier of a service or product to BullyingCanada wishes to donate the value of their product or service, they can do so by cheque exchange. The supplier invoices BullyingCanada for their product or service, and is paid by cheque by BullyingCanada. The supplier then returns a cheque of the same value as a donation to BullyingCanada, which will send a tax receipt for that amount.

BullyingCanada cannot issue charitable tax receipts under the following conditions:

  • When a donor only provides an initial as his/her first name. To get a tax receipt for your donation, please supply us with your full first and last name.
  • For purchases of raffle tickets, admission tickets, greens fees and merchandise.
  • A tax receipt cannot go to an event organizer for the combined total of gifts made at the event by multiple donors. An organizer can only receive a tax receipt for his/her personal cash donation that goes directly to the cause being supported.
  • For the cost of hiring someone or purchasing a service for a charitable event (e.g. entertainment, tent set-up).
  • For cash and in-kind sponsorships. Under CRA regulations, sponsors cannot receive a receipt because they receive benefits of commercial value for their sponsorship fee. Sponsors can deduct their sponsorship as a legitimate business/marketing expense.