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Sticks And Stones

Beth Goobie Sticks And Stones Orca Soundings, 2002 77 pages, $9.95 Canadian ISBN – 1-55413-213-7 It was only kissing, it’s not like Jubejube and Brent actually had sex – so why is everyone calling her a slut? Jubejube never thought things could be this bad. Her name is everywhere, rumours are everywhere and the whole

See No Evil

Diane Young See No Evil Orca Currents, 2006 103 pages, $9.95 Canadian ISBN – 1-55143-664-7 “See no evil” was spray painted onto a fence near the mall. Shawn and his friend, Daniel, found out just how important that was and what happens when you do see evil. It was just another Monday for Shawn and


Darlene Ryan Responsible Orca Soundings, 2007 100 pages, $9.95 Canadian ISBN – 978-1-55143-687-6 Sometimes, doing the right things and the hardest thing are the same. Kevin found that out the hard way. Kevin could be considered a bully. If not him, the people he hung out with sure were. They were always getting into trouble

Please Stop Laughing At Us…

Jodee Blanco Please Stop Laughing At Us… BenBella Books Inc, 2008 443 Pages ISBN – 978-1-933772-29-8 After writing her bestselling book, Please Stop Laughing At Me, Jodee Blanco’s life changes completely in the blink of an eye. When she wrote the book, Jodee just wanted to get the message out about what bullying was like.

Not So Tall For Six

Dianna Hutts Aston Not So Tall For Six Charlesbridge Publishing, 2008 32 Pages ISBN – 978-1-57091-705-9 Size isn’t everything but size really can make a difference when it comes to bullying. Kylie Bell isn’t exactly tall. Even though she’s probably the smallest person in grade one, she doesn’t let her size get to her. She

More Bullies In More Books

C.J. Bott More Bullies In More Books The Scarecrow Press, 2009 195 pages, ISBN – 978-0-8198-6654-6 With youth today being forced to face bullying at an increasing rate and intensity, it is crucial to find and to read the right books to help everyone understand the problem. But how do you know which book is

Dimples Delight

Frieda Wishinsky Dimples Delight Orca Echoes, 2005 61 pages, $6.95 Canadian ISBN – 1 -55143-362-1 Frieda Wishinky’s book, Dimples Delight is a must read for those who are, or know someone who is being bullied based on their looks. Lawrence has dimples. Big dimples. Because he has dimples, Joe makes fun of him. Joe calls


K.M. Walton Simon Pulse, 2012 312 pages, $18.99 CAN ISBN – 978-1-4424-2916-1 Victor and Bull each have their own horror stories. Victor’s, however, is filled of the torment Bull puts him through on a daily basis at school and an emotionally abusive family. Bull’s consists of the drunken beatings of his mother and grandfather, while