BullyingCanada Makes The Difference

BullyingCanada Makes The Difference

Our Youths Are Worth Fighting For

BullyingCanada is the only national anti-bullying charity solely dedicated to creating a brighter future for bullied youth. What began as a youth-created website to bringing together bullied kids and providing information on bullying—and how to stop!–is now a full 24/7 support service. On any day of the year, at any time, youth, parents, coaches, and teachers contact us by phone, text, online chat, and email for help on how to make bullying stop. Our Support Team is comprised of hundreds of highly-trained volunteers.

Our unique difference: BullyingCanada stands by those who reach out for help until we can bring an end to their bullying. For each incidence of bullying brought to our attention, we speak with bullied youth and their parents; bullies and their parents; teachers, coaches, guidance counselors, and principals; school boards; local police if a child’s life is threatened; and local social services to get youth the counseling they need to heal. This process often takes between two weeks to more than a year.

We also offer school presentations about bullying and scholarships to students active in anti-bullying efforts.

BullyingCanada was launched on December 17th, 2006 by 17-year-old Rob Benn-Frenette, O.N.B., and 14-year-old Katie Thompson (Neu) when the website they created went live. Both Rob and Katie were victims of extreme bullying during their elementary and high school years. They sought help but could not find a charity or social service to intervene and stop them from being relentlessly tormented. So they created BullyingCanada to help kids in pain.

BullyingCanada has been featured in newspapers, magazines, radio, and television across Canada and the world in multiple languages–such as in the Globe and MailReaders DigestToday’s Parent, and many more. Rob and Katie have both been publicly recognized many times for their tireless efforts.

Our Story

Our Story

Building the resources they needed as children,
our founders have grown BullyingCanada into a national treasure.

BullyingCanada Created

Katie and Rob founded BullyingCanada in 2006, while they were persevering though extreme bullying of their own.

CRA Registration

Wanting to provide more than a static resource of information, Rob and Katie registered BullyingCanada as an operating charity to enable them to provide services direct to youths in need.

Charitable Registration Number
82991 7897 RR0001

Support Network Launched

Knowing that bullying doesn’t follow office hours, BullyingCanada launched a 24/7/365 support line so youths could call, chat, email, or text with highly trained volunteers to get the help they need.

Meet Our Founders

Meet Our Founders

Bringing a lifetime of experience and expertise to the service of bullied youths and their families across the country.

Katie Thompson (Neu)


Katie was 14 years old when she and Rob met through a mutual friend. Katie had also been a victim of extreme bullying while growing up. She daily received death threats, was taunted, and physically harmed. Finding no safe haven from her tormentors, she finished her grade 9 year and walked out of high school for good.

To help other bullied kids like them, she and Rob launched BullyingCanada in the form of a website. She had no prior experience taking stands against bullying but continued to be abused even after the BullyingCanada website launched.

She and Rob shared the role of Co-Executive Director of BullyingCanada. While building a robust support network, Katie finished and received her Ontario Secondary School Certificate through online learning. She has since graduated from St. Lawrence College with her Criminal Psychology and Behaviour Certificate with Distinction. She is also ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) certified, as are Rob and all of BullyingCanada’s Support Team volunteers.

Katie’s current role in BullyingCanada is part-time, responding to emails and live chat requests from bullied kids. As one of several presenters, Katie does a few BullyingCanada school presentations each year. She also reviews books related to bullying and violence.

Katie was named Woman of the Year from the North Perth Chamber of Commerce, the area of her hometown.

Rob Benn-Frenette, O.N.B.

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Rob was 17 in 2006 when he and Katie Thompson (Neu) launched BullyingCanada.

Born with cerebral palsy, his unusual walk made him the target of relentless torment throughout his school years. He experienced psychological and physical abuse–including being kicked, tripped, shoved, spit on, called names, being burned with a cigarette lighter, and thrown in front of a moving bus. The relentless bullying left him unable to concentrate on his schoolwork, and with nightmares, night sweats and panic attacks. He tried to end his life twice. He reached out for help but found no solace in anonymous, one-time telephone counselling.

Instead of being crushed, he summoned internal strength. Wanting no other child to go through what he experienced, he partnered with then 14-year-old Katie Neu, who was also a victim of bullying.

Together, they launched a website that gave birth to a national youth-created support service that would take support to lengths that made Canadian history. At age 22, Rob was awarded the honour of Member in the Order of New Brunswick.

Now in his thirties, Rob has built a strong national organization, with Katie’s support. He alternately answers calls for help, recruits and trains volunteers, delivers school presentations and manages all daily administrative and fundraising duties.

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