Walter B. Roberts, Jr.
Working With Parents of Bullies and Victims
Corwin Press, 2008
135 Pages
ISBN – 978-1-4129-5104-3

You’ve dealt with the bully, you’ve dealt with the victim. Now, you have to deal with their parents. As if dealing with hysterical youth was bad enough, you now have to try and work with their parents. It’s enough to make a person want to pull their hair out! Is there any way to effectively work with the parents of victims and bullies?

Walter B. Roberts, Jr., answers the call again with this tool for educators who must face the parents of those involved in bullying. A subject that is all too often a neglected one, this book is filled with helpful information for when talking to the parents of victims and bullies. Whether the parent is resistant or persistent, there are helpful tips offered to effectively reach an understanding with every parent from both sides of the incident.

Many books dealing with bullying use a language that can be a tricky one to understand. Working With Parents of Bullies and Victims is worded simply and easily understandable. His no- nonsense manner to things provides examples of what could happen to your school if you do not intervene as soon as you see a problem. Conversation examples will help you to prepare for whatever conversation you may be having.