Mary Jo McGrath
School Bullying – Tools for Avoiding Harm and Liability
Corwin Press, 2007
225 Pages
ISBN – 1-4129-1572-4

Anyone who works in schools knows that bullying happens everywhere and all the time. There are so many different problems when it comes to tackling bullying that it can seem mind boggling to many, making it a seemingly impossible task to get under control.

Mary Jo McGrath’s book, School Bullying Tools for Avoiding Harm and Liability is a key tool for those people so that they can learn how to properly deal with and prevent bullying. 225 pages packed with information on the important subject ensures that all forms of bullying are covered, as well as framework that helps educators tackle the problem in an educationally and legally fit manner. Investigation checklists and report forms makes reporting bullying easier and faster, as well as a glossary explaining some of those words that are almost impossible to understand.

Sometimes even the most educated educators need help when it comes to bullying. There are so many legal obligations, expectations and limitations, it could make your head spin. School Bullying helps you to better understand all of that so that your job is that much easier.