Frieda Wishinsky
Dimples Delight
Orca Echoes, 2005
61 pages, $6.95 Canadian
ISBN – 1 -55143-362-1

Frieda Wishinky’s book, Dimples Delight is a must read for those who are, or know someone who is being bullied based on their looks.
Lawrence has dimples. Big dimples. Because he has dimples, Joe makes fun of him. Joe calls Lawrence a lot of names like “Dimples” and “Dimple Boy” and says things like “Your face looks like a tomato – with worm holes”. No matter what Lawrence’s mom or his friend, Stewart, suggested, Joe wouldn’t stop. Finally one day Lawrence decided to laugh with Joe when he called him names and made fun of Lawrence just to see what would happen – Joe walked away and never made fun of Lawrence again.

Laughter is said to be the best medicine – and it can be a cure for bullying as well. Once you laugh at something a bully says, they’re going to stop as you’re showing that they cannot hurt you.