Melody DeFields McMillan
Addison Addley And The Things That Aren’t There
Orca Young Readers, 2008
83 Pages, $7.95 Canadian
ISBN – 978-1-55143-949-5

Addison Addley’s name may sound smart but he doesn’t think he is. When it comes time to write his speech for school, Addison has no idea what to write about.

Addison soon finds out that a very smart friend, a bully that is always putting him down and a mom who needs to lay off the organic foods give him the perfect idea for his speech – “Things That Aren’t There”. While writing, or rather “writing” his speech, Addison must deal with Tiffany – the bully. Her mother is on the board of the astronomy club – a club his mom wants to be treasurer for, meaning he better be nice to Tiffany.

When the day of his speech comes along, Addison decides to try extra hard to wow Tiffany’s mom and the day turns out to be rather eventful – with both Tiffany and Addison learning a very important less about respect, math and the difference between soy milk and soya sauce.